curtinhas IV.

1. Elles: mulheres artistas na coleção do Centro Pompidou, no CCBB-BH

28 de agosto a 21 de outubro

2. Grimes – Visions (2012)

“”Post-internet” is a term that’s stuck all too easily (guilty as charged) to Grimes’ airy cyborg-pop, thanks in part to her endless quotability in acknowledging the digital world’s influence on her aesthetic (“The music of my childhood was really diverse because I had access to everything.”) But Visions, the latest and best album from one-woman project of Montreal-based Claire Boucher, complicates the all-too-tidy “post-internet” tag by bringing into focus the many contrasts at the heart of her music: tensions between pop structure and diffuse atmosphere, between technology and the human body, between sensory-overloaded hyper-presence and transcendence. More solidly constructed and a lot more fun to listen to than anything she’s put her name to so far, the electro cotton-candy of Visions is an inviting entrance into Grimes’ peculiar kind of bliss.” Retirado de:


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