maratona p. t. anderson

“Like Jean Renoir and Max Ophüls, most of Paul Thomas Anderson’s films are characterized by a constantly moving camera. Like François Truffaut and Martin Scorsese, his films are the work of a man with an encyclopaedic knowledge of film and film technique, who is able to make tried and true techniques as fresh and as vibrant as when D.W. Griffith first started to discover them. Like Robert Altman, Anderson thrives on working with large ensembles of actors. Like Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton, his films often depict the suburban U.S. as a place of alienation, and his characters are often alienated people who must in some way or another learn to assimilate themselves into some kind of family environment.”

Então tá.

Tinha assistido apenas Punch-drunk love por recomendação de um amigo e agora assistirei os outros longas do cara.

1. The Master (2012)

2. There will be blood (2007)

3. Punch-drunk love (2002)

4. Magnolia (1999)

5. Boogie nights (1997)

6. Sydney (1996)