maratona whit stillman

1. Metropolitan, 1990.


2. Barcelona, 1994.


“Tonight, while I was shaving – I always shave against the direction of the beard because I understood you got a closer shave that way. I started thinking about this razor commercial on TV which shows the hair follicles like this, going this way. The first of the twin blades cuts them here. Then the hair snaps back and the second blade catches them down here, giving you a closer, cleaner, possibly smoother shave. That we know. But what struck me was: If the hair follicles are going in this direction and the razor is too, then they’re shaving in the direction of the beard, not against it. Which would mean that I’ve been shaving the wrong way all my life. I mean, maybe that’s not so, maybe I misremembered the ad. But the point is: I could’ve shaved the wrong way all of my life and never have known it. And then I could have taught my son to shave the wrong way, without him ever knowing it either.”

3. The last days of disco, 1998.


“A lot of people like to say they won’t take no for an answer. I just wanted you to know that I’m not one of them; I can be easily discouraged. I will take no for an answer.”

4. Damsels in distress, 2011.